Calhoun offers a wide variety of communication services

With over 30 years of experience in point-to-point and point-to-multi point broadband wireless and microwave communications, the project team here at Calhoun Communications Inc. is capable of providing every facet of your project. From assisting in the development of technical specifications for an RFP, performing network engineering and design to full turn-key solution, the team at our company has all the resources to bring to bear to ensure your project is a success.

Benefits of a Wireless Solution

Mobility– A wireless system gives your guests the mobility to be anywhere on your property and receive High-speed connectivity (lounge, breakfast area, and conference rooms).

Flexibility and Scalability– You can start with just a few rooms or a single floor and easily expand when you’re ready.
Revenue and Repeat Business- In a recent Industry survey, business users reported that they are more likely to return to a hotel because of their amenities (free breakfast, High-speed connectivity, and free local calls).

Affordability– Wireless service is a low-cost way to provide High-speed connectivity to your guests while ensuring that your investment will earn the return you expect.


• Complete turnkey networks
• Engineering- including site selection, path analysis, frequency selection, radio and antenna specification and capacity planning
• Assistance in Request For Proposal (RFP) technical specifications development
• Installation- complete installation services including radios, antennas, path alignment, cabling, feed-line, grounding, network integration, commissioning and acceptance testing
• FCC frequency license coordination
• FAA coordination
• Capacity upgrades
• Troubleshooting and service
• Annual maintenance and inspection
• Sales and support



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Calhoun Communications provides every kind of communications product that you may require. We do it all, RF Radio, Television, Microwave, and countless Networking and Wireless solutions. Please contact us, our staff will provide you with everything you need.