Woodbury County Communication Information Commission (WCCIC) is a 28-e Organization responsible for the Information Technology (IT) requirements for the County of Woodbury and the City of Sioux City, Iowa.   Included within these IT requirements is our Wide Area Network (WAN) which is predominantly wireless.

Sioux City, Iowa is located in Northwest Iowa along the Missouri River. The terrain is extremely hilly with heavy tree cover.  All of Woodbury County features these same terrain attributes.

WCCIC contracted Calhoun Communications, Inc. to perform a site survey for the Sioux City Iowa, Metro area. After the survey was completed, Calhoun Communications, Inc. designed a 36 remote site multipoint wireless network implementing 2.4 GHZ and 5.8 GHZ technology with bandwidth up to 45 Mbps full-duplex.

Calhoun Communications, Inc. was also contracted to supply, install, and implement the proposed wireless network. Their firm provided all devices required for a successful implementation including antenna mounting structures, cabling, antenna mounting apparatus, and equipment enclosures.

The wireless network was initially installed in the Fall of 2000.  Calhoun Communications, Inc. provided excellent workmanship and proved their expertise in wireless technology. The project was implemented on time, within budget and done with a great deal of professionalism.   Our wireless network has been incredibly stable, thus we have expanded several times.  Recently, we had Calhoun implement the Proxim 5054R Wireless products as well as Proxim Tsunami Point-to-Point systems. We have had great success with these two lines and recently purchased additional 5054R products to replace obsolete Cisco wireless devices.

On the rare occasion of an outage, the technicians from Calhoun Communications, Inc. responded well within the time-frame contracted and were able to restore service immediately.   I also believe that contracting with Calhoun to conduct a post-installation system tune-up has contributed to our wireless network stability.

Based on our experience, I would highly recommend Calhoun Communications, Inc. for any type of wireless project regardless of size and complexity.