Calhoun offers a wide variety of communication services


Our company provides a wide variety of networking services and solutions. From indoor and outdoor high capacity Wi-Fi network design and installation to router and firewall programming and installation we have solutions for your business or organization. Today, IP convergence is no longer a buzzword it’s a reality. Calhoun Communications’ network engineers have a unique skillset that enables our customers to transition seamlessly from legacy TDM network topologies to state-of-the-art, standards based Ethernet network solutions. Whether you need a turnkey network solution or a service call on existing network we are here to serve you.

Networking Services Include:

•Assessment, engineering and design of wired and/or wireless networks and network components
•Indoor/Outdoor high capacity WiFi access point and AP controller design, sales, installation and support
•Router/firewall sales, installation and support
•Onsite and offsite data backup solutions
•IP network security camera systems sales, installation and support
•Network Management Systems
•Local Area and Wide Area Network engineering and design




Calhoun Networking
Network Switches


Firewalls & VPN – We can supply, configure and maintain a firewall to secure your network’s gateway to the Internet. The firewalls we work with offer:

• Advanced management features.
• Extremely reliable performance.
• State-of-the-art protective measures.
• VPN connection for remote network access.
• Pricing to fit your budget.

Virus / Spyware Detection and Intrusion Prevention – We can help protect your computer systems from the escalating and never-ending threats posed by harmful viruses, intrusive spyware and adware, as well as malicious hackers. The solutions we deploy and manage will help:

• Prevent the infection and spread of computer viruses, worms and Trojans.
•  Detect and remove spyware and adware programs that may be:
Consuming your computer’s precious resources.
•  Capturing and transmitting sensitive information to third parties.
•  Creating conflicts and instabilities on affected systems.
• Detect intrusion attempts on your system(s) that may otherwise go unnoticed.

Content Management – We can implement a solution that will allow you to monitor and filter your organization’s Internet usage. These solutions will enable you to:

• Monitor your employees’ Internet use.
• Restrict what information is retrieved or sent out via the Internet.
• Block web surfing for a list of unapproved sites.
• Avoid liability for inappropriate Internet use (e.g. gambling etc.).
• Ensure compliance with company policies.

Offsite system back-ups – We can create a backup system that will allow your information to be stored securely on one of our servers as well as on your server.  This can ensure you that your information is available in case of an emergency at your place of business. 

Managed Security Services – We can monitor and maintain your Internet security systems for you once they are in place. We have a variety of fixed-rate services depending on your needs. Our proactive approach to security can save you money and help keep your network safe and reliable.




Network Data Center

Calhoun Communications provides every kind of communications product that you may require. We do it all, RF Radio, Television, Microwave, and countless Networking and Wireless solutions. Please contact us, our staff will provide you with everything you need.