Calhoun offers a wide variety of communication services

For over 30 years Calhoun Communications Inc. has been providing engineering, design, installation and maintenance services for radio stations all over the world. From the studio to the transmitter and beyond, our engineers, project managers and tower technicians have the experience to take the smallest project to the largest turnkey project to a successful completion. From North America to Hungary and to Jamaica and back we are in the relentless pursuit of successful project outcomes for our customers


•Full turnkey solutions from studio to transmitter site sales, engineering and installation services for a complete new broadcast radio facility
•Engineering, maintenance and service for existing radio stations
•Transmitter sales, service and repair
•Emergency Alert System sales and service
•FCC compliance support
•Automation system sales and service
•Omni and directional antenna sales and service
•Antenna and feed-line sweeps with spectrum analyzer
•Antenna tuning
•Spurious and harmonics testing with spectrum analyzer

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HD Radio IBOC Engineering Services

HD Radio is in the process of expanding. The personnel from Calhoun Communications, Inc. have attended several HD Radio Engineering schools to obtain certification in the installation and commissioning of the system. Calhoun Communications, Inc. has the test equipment that is needed to install and test these systems. We have installed numerous systems all over the USA. What are the benefits of HD Radio Technology?
There are a host of new benefits that HD Radio technology provides with the upgrade to digital broadcasting:

AM digital will have FM-like audio quality allowing for new and innovative programming using music formats.FM digital will have CD-like audio quality. Static-free and crystal clear reception. Signal fades, static; hiss and pops will be a thing of the past.
Wireless data services to include On-Demand audio will be available to consumers. On-Demand audio allows for the streaming of audio content providing more information on station programs, news, weather, and traffic-all at the touch of a button! Other wireless data services include the display of artist and song information, mobile commerce options and much more.


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